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Boilers for Paper Industry


As we all know, papermaking is one of the four great inventions in China. With the continuous development of the times and technology, the papermaking process has gradually formed a complete set of manufacturing processes, and the boiler is an indispensable equipment in the papermaking industry.
Pulping is the first step in papermaking. In this link, the cooking of the separated fibers, as well as the subsequent steps of washing, bleaching, concentration, forming, etc., all need to be completed with the use of industrial steam boilers; secondly, the output of steam boilers High-temperature, high-quality steam will also be transported to each link through pipelines, fully mixed with raw materials, and become one of the raw materials for the pulping step.

It can be seen that steam boilers are the core equipment for power output in the paper industry and play a vital role. So what are the available steam boilers for paper mills and what are their advantages?

01. Oil/gas fired Steam Boiler
High thermal efficiency; high combustion efficiency, no fouling in the furnace, clean combustion, no pollutant discharge, extremely environmentally friendly; reasonable structure design, safe and reliable operation; simple operation.

02. Multi Fuel Chain Grate Biomass Boiler
Low energy consumption; full combustion, high efficiency, clean and pollution-free.

03. Circulating fluidized bed boiler
High combustion efficiency, good desulfurization rate; wide adaptability of coal types; low operating cost