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Bangladesh 7MW Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler for Wood Industry
Thermal oil boiler  (also called Thermal oil heater) provides heat energy for the hot pressing and drying in the manufacturing processes of wood products. The end user of this project is a local wood product manufacturer in Bangladesh.
gas thermal oil heater
Rubber Industry 15 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater Project
Leather can only be made into a leather product after many processes, among which neutralization, dyeing, fatliquoring, pressing and drying need high-temperature support. The customer ordered several sets of gas-fired thermal oil heaters from Bidragon Boiler for heating the production line.
4 Million Kcal Coal Thermal oil heater Arrived At Customer’s site in Ethiopia,
4 Million Kcal Coal Thermal oil heater Arrived At Customer’s site in Ethiopia
One set 4000000kcal coal fired thermal oil heater arrived at customer’s site finally after the long distance shipping.
This chain grate type thermal oil heater will be separate into two parts during delivery, so that it will be convenient for transportation.
After customer received the heater, we’ll provide detailed drawing and free online guiding to help customer finish the assembling, installation and commissioning.
Two Sets 2.5 Million Kcal Gas Thermal Oil Heater Installed in Serbia
This customer has very high requirement for quality, and thanks to customer’s trust, they choose Bidragon among all the competitors at last.
Two sets 2500000kcal gas fired thermal oil heater installed successfully in customer’s workshop, cotton industry.
Expecting our long terms cooperation.
1400KW Gas thermal oil heater price
1400KW Gas thermal oil heater finished installation
One set 1400KW gas fired thermal oil heater finished installation last week in Algeria, chemical factory.
Customer feedback with praise to Bidragon team. Thanks to our customer’s trust again.
Industrial Boiler Installation Process Introduction
What is the installation process of industrial boilers?
What is Condensing Boiler
The condensing boiler condensing combustion technology reduces the flue gas temperature to 50 degrees, condenses part of the flue gas into a liquid state, and absorbs the flue gas.
About How to Prevent the Hidden Dangers of Steam Generators
Prevent the steam generator from entering too much steam: restart when the water heater valve is set, and the steam turbine unit side should allocate funds to lock the machinery and equipment, and fasten the check door of the exhaust pipe of the high-pressure cylinder to prevent the door from closing too loosely and causing the heat treatment furnace. Too much steam.
Reasons Why Gas Boilers Fail to Catch Fire
Each new gas fired boiler room can only be set up with one chimney. The height of the chimney should be based on the total installed capacity of the boiler room, as specified in Table 4, and the chimneys of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers should not be less than 8 meters.
Three Ways to Improve the Thermal Efficiency of Gas Boilers
The design of the boiler should be reasonable. The construction and connection of the furnace, combustion chamber, and pipelines need to be guided by professional boiler technicians
What are the Common Misunderstandings in the Operation of Gas Steam Boilers?
Many people think that the more fuel you add to a gas boiler, the more steam you can produce. However, if too much fuel enters the furnace, the effect will be counterproductive.
Which is more energy efficient, a thermal oil heater or a steam boiler?
Thermal oil heater and steam boilers are two common types of boilers in industrial production. In the process of purchasing, how do companies measure which boiler is more energy-efficient? Let's find out together.
Installation Requirements for Vertical Steam Boilers
vertical steam boiler is a kind of boiler commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises. This kind of boiler has relatively small evaporation capacity, small footprint, simple operation and safe operation.
What Industries are The YY(Q)L Vertical Gas Fired(Oil-Fired) Thermal Oil Boiler Suitable For?
(Gas fired /oil fired) thermal oil boilers use gas, fuel oil or ethanol as fuel, and heat-conducting oil as the heat-conducting carrier. They can be used as high-temperature heat sources in various environments below 350°C.
Which type of boilers are used in an oil refinery?
Refineries use Water tube boiler more than Fire tube boilers.
Reboilers (Kettle type boilers) are heat exchangers typically used to provide heat to the bottom o
What are industrial boilers used for?
A Boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other suitable liquid is heated to generate steam or vapour.The steam/vapour is then exited and is used for various purposes like heating applications (water heating, central heating), boiler based power generation or even for cooking and other purposes which could be domestic or industrial.
What is the difference between biomass fuel boilers and gas boilers?
Biomass fuel boiler is a kind of boiler that uses biomass fuel as fuel. Compared with coal-fired boilers, it has the advantages of environmental protection and cleanliness. However, biomass fuel is slightly more expensive than coal, about 891 tons. Compared with electricity, gas, gasoline and diesel, it can save 40%-60%.
Temperature Adjustment of Coal Fired Steam Boiler
In the operation of coal-fired steam boilers, temperature fluctuations will cause a series of hazards. High temperature will cause the temperature of the superheater tube wall to rise, and low temperatures will affect the consumption of natural gas by gas users and even damage the equipment.
How To Choose Steam Boiler Model
how to choose a suitable steam heating system for your factory?
What are the advantages of electric steam generators?
An electric steam boiler is a type of boiler where the steam is generated using electricity, rather than through the combustion of a fuel source.
10TPH Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler Shipped to Indonesia
Indonesia customer order 10TPH Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler, now has been finished production and arranged the shippment.
thermal fhuid heater
Skid-mounted Thermal Fluid Heaters Shipped to Brazil
Skid-mounted thermal fluid heaters has been finished and shipped to Brazil. Supply heat to the chemical industry.
solid fuel hot oil boiler
6million KCal Woodchip Biomass Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Shipped to Bangladesh
Our regular customer from Bangladesh order 6million KCal woodchip biomass fired thermal oil boiler, and this hot oil boiler has been finished production and will be arranged shippment. Customer will use this hot oil boiler in his compressed particle board production line.
gas water boiler
How To Maintain The Hot Water Boiler After It Is Shut Down
After the hot water boiler is stopped for cooling, thoroughly remove the ash deposits on the heating surface and the ash and slag on the upper part of the grate and the lower part of the furnace body.
Gas steam boiler
Central Heating Advantages Of Heating Boilers
Heating boilers have good economic and environmental benefits for central heating. First of all, central heating can save about 30% of energy by replacing wall-hung boilers
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