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Gas Steam Boiler In Paper Making Plant
Three gas steam boiler in the paper making plant, supplying high temperature steam to dry the paper. Until now, our gas steam boiler is working smoothly and not appear any trouble according to customer feedback during the past three years.
Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler In Hotel
For hotel central heating, gas or oil fired hot water boiler is best choice as this hot water boiler has high efficiency and is environment-friendly, also this boiler is available for both heating and bathing.
Hospital Steam Boiler
Steam boiler and hot water boiler is common seen in hospital, here we mainly discuss the steam boiler usage in hospital. Steam boiler in hospital mainly used to sterilize medical vessels and dry matched bedding and cloths, as well supply hot water for bathing and cleaning when connecting with heat ex-changer.
Thermal Oil Heater In Garment Factory
Thermal oil heater in garment factory is used to supply high temperature heat for printing and dyeing requirement, and the waste material can be fuel, so which saves much fuel cost for clients and save time to deal with the waste material, as well which is environment friendly, so the biomass thermal oil heater is widely used in garment factory and textile fields.
Central Heating Boiler
Central heating system is composed of heat source, heat supply network and user, here, the heat source refers to the central heating boiler, which supply heat based on hot water or steam boiler to city, town, or apartment building through the heat network.
Oil Steam Boiler In Beer Processing Plant
During the beer processing, steam boiler and hot water boiler is used in saccharification process and fermentation process, and the steam boiler equipped with heat ex-changer to high temperature heat to make the malt and rice become soluble.
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