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What is The Shipping Time of Your Boiler
The shipping time depends on the boiler model, because some of our boiler has stock, some boiler will be customized according to customer's requirement, so the final shipping time is different. While generally, shipping time is 15-30days if need to be customized.
What is a condensing gas boiler

For users who require gas boilers to be in operation for a long time every day, it is more sensible to choose a condensing gas boiler. The condenser is used to recover the waste heat in the flue gas discharged from the tail of the boiler to increase the boiler inlet water temperature and make the boiler thermal efficiency as high as 98 %above. In the case of the same amount of gas, the more heat recovered by the condenser means that the utilization rate of fuel will be further improved, which will save users a large amount of fuel costs each year, and the effect of energy saving and environmental protection is very significant. At present, condensing gas boilers have been widely used in industrial production by virtue of their own performance advantages, and occupy a place in the market.


What is the pressure of steam boiler ?
The common steam pressure is 0.4Mpa, 0.7Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa. Excepting above common pressure, customized steam pressure is available. During our projects, we have done steam boiler for 2.0Mpa, 2.5Mpa, etc.
What is the heating area of your boiler ?
Heating area is one parameter of boiler, which refers to the inner furnace heating area and it is related to boiler volume. The bigger of the heating area of boiler, the boiler volume is bigger.
How do you ensure your boiler safety ?
All our boiler departures from factory, we will do series safety test for the boiler, for example, water pressure test, weld tightness test, etc., in order to keep boiler reliable and safety.
What is the thermal efficiency of your boiler ?
As we add coil tube on top of thermal oil boiler, the thermal efficiency can up to 92.26%, higher more than two points than common oil/gas fired thermal oil boiler, which is our patent technology.
How do you deliver your boiler?
 Boiler delivery depends on the term we confirmed in the contract, for FOB term, we will be in charge of delivering our boiler to ship, while for CIF term, we will in charge of delivering our boiler to discharge port.
How to solve the question when we are using ?
When boiler departures our factory, all set of boiler operating manual is attached, and if the operating manual can not help you, our email, telephone, whatsapp and skype are available for you at any time, and our engineer is available to go your country for the technical support.
What service do you supply ?
Supply steam boiler, hot water boiler and thermal oil boiler and the boiler room pipe layout design, boiler installation, etc., service.
What is the steam boiler application ?
Steam boiler supply high temperature saturated vapor for drying, heating, sterilization in food, garment, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, petrochemical, etc., field.
What are the types of boiler ?
Boiler is divided water tube boiler and fire tube boiler, how to explain these two type boiler? Simple method, water tube boiler adopt high temperature flue gas to heat water or steam inside tube, while the fire tube boiler adopts high temperature flue gas to heat water or steam outside tube.
How does industrial steam boiler work ?
From structure view, the steam boiler is one pressure vessel, through heating the circulated water inside boiler, and when the hot water be heated to boiling point, the water will change to steam and put out through other device for final usage.
What is the task of boiler in garment factory ?
Generally, garment factory trends to use steam boiler not the hot water boiler, and among our customer feedback from Bangladesh, small type electric steam boiler or big type oil gas steam boiler is popular in garment factory and textile factory. The main task of steam boiler in garment factory is to supply high temperature steam for ironing and pressing.
How to select a proper boiler for textile industry
To select a proper boiler for textile industry, we need to confirm following question:
1. Boiler capacity: no matter hot water boiler, steam boiler or thermal oil boiler, boiler capacity is required. 
2. Heating medium: as we all know the textile factory not only require steam also need hot water for heating, but the required steam capacity is bigger than hot water capacity, so steam boiler is more suitable than hot water boiler.
3. Parameter confirmation: proper boiler parameter not only save boiler cost for customer, also can make full use of the boiler efficiency. From view of printing and dyeing, the using steam pressure is 0.2Mpa 0.4Mpa, so 0.7Mpa is enough.
4. Based on above information and boiler efficiency, a proper boiler type will be selected for textile industry.
What parts do the boiler components include ?
Different type boiler has different components, here taking the WNS series steam boiler as example:
The steam boiler boiler components include following parts: boiler body, burner, soften water treatment, two water pump with one using and one standing up, pressure gauge, pressure controller,  pressure transmitter, water level gauge, water level sensor,ball valve, safety valve, shut-off valve, drain valve, etc.
What is the steam boiler operation and maintenance ?
1. Feeding water for steam boiler must be treated soften water.
2. Supplying water temperature should be similar to boiler body temperature, 20℃ is a good suggestion.
3. Check and maintain for the water level shut off device on a regular basis, and wash the water level controller each month, and wash the water level meter each day.
4. Restarting the boiler after boiler stop suddenly, please remember open the gas valve and release the negative pressure inside the boiler.
5. Removing the dust inside flue tube, as the dust attached on flue tube will decrease the boiler heating effeiciency.
How to select bathing boiler for hotel ?
To select suitable bathing boiler for hotel, we need to confirm the following question:
1. How many person do the hotel can hold ?
2. How much water does each one person use ?
3. What is the local temperature in winter ?